Passionate & determined to create & sustain an aquatic center that will benefit the entire community

& beyond.


Our Mission - Our Vision:

The McKinley Park Aquatic Center Committee is passionate and determined to create and sustain an aquatic center that will benefit the entire community & beyond. 

Approximately on year ago, a small conversation turned into a big dream. Our committee envisions an aquatic center that our community can be proud of. We hope it will continue to showcase the absolute treasure that McKinley Park is and continues to be. We plan for our generation to enjoy this space, in every capacity, as well as the many generations to come. 

We want to create a state of the art facility that will include all populations that want to be active. Every detail, from design, to program scheduling has our youth, parents, grandparents and everyone in between in mind. We know when we successfully execute this capital campaign, our entire community will rejoice. 


Diving Right in - A Capital Campaign:

Our Committee has set the goal to not only raise the funds required to convert our existing pool into a genuine aquatic center, but to also raise the necessary funding that will help support the operation and maintenance for years to come. Our goal is for the aquatic center to be no more of a burden on the City of Creston than the existing pool. We feel that through additional fundraising and increased income, this is an attainable goal. 

As we begin this process, we will highlight our goals and objectives for "Diving Right into the Deep End".


To begin the process in June 2017 we asked the City of Creston to engage Waters Edge Aquatic Design in providing a comprehensive feasibility study and a concept plan. Working with the committee and seeking out community input a plan was developed.


The plan focuses on renovating and expanding the existing Creston Pool, to create an Aquatic Center inclusive to all populations of our community. We have also contacted our local YMCA to develop a plan to ensure training and workforce opportunities for employment. 


We have established multiple levels of investment for the capital campaign, and have begun reaching out to community members for support. All levels can be distributed over a three year time period, as we anticipate that to be the time commitment to this capital campaign. 


To be forward thinking & ensure the future of our project we have also established an endowment fund. Once the capital campaign for the project is fully funded, additional funds will be placed in an endowment fund for future operation and maintenance of the new aquatic center.


“A nice pool will attract families to Creston. It would be such a nice amenity to have”

Creston parent  |  community feedback


Community Feedback - What do we want? When do we want it?

Unofficially, the answers to those questions are emphatically: "An Aquatic Center!!" and "Now!!". However, we quickly realized that protesting with our swimwear on wasn't going to get us very far. Thus, we sought public feedback through Facebook and our feasibility study performed by Waters Edge Aquatic Design.

When we met with Waters Edge, we expressed our interest in creating an inclusive environment for all populations. We want to be able to serve our youth, teens, adults and seniors with this project. We feel that our design lends itself to that level of service. 

Who Will This Campaign Serve

Our goal is for this aquatic center to serve all members of our community including but not limited to:

  • All ages & life stages, Children, Teens, Young Adults, Families & Seniors
  • Populations with diverse needs such as sensory restrictions
  • Individuals that just want to relax as well as be active

"I want an Aquatic Center for my community where there is a place for young kids to have as much fun as the big kids"

- 10 year old Creston Resident


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